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Halkidiki Hotels Sithonia - Nikos Hotel in Halkidiki, Nikiti Accommodation, Chalkidiki Greece

Nikos Hotel Exterior ViewWe will enjoy unique experiences together in an enchanting place with distinctive colours and breathtaking beauty, combined with the traditional Greek hospitality that we so generously provide.

We understand that you crave a comfortable, elegant and welcoming environment, and have created your vacation place with care and love. We will offer the warmth and comfort that you desire for moments of relaxation and tranquillity.

Let us become better acquainted...

Nikos Hotel is located in a particularly privileged location, only 70m from the majestic and popular Nikiti beach in beautiful Halkidiki.

We suggest that you browse through our website, so you may become better acquainted with the rooms, the surrounding space, the decor and the amenities provided, and read about all the benefits that Nikiti Hotel is able to offer for your unforgettable holidays.

We are waiting for you at Nikiti in Halkidiki, in an earthly paradise that will overwhelm you!

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Nikiti, Sithonia and Halkidiki

If you love the sea, the mountains or both, then Nikiti is the ideal destination to visit all year round!
Whatever you choose, it is sure to provide you with unforgettable images. Everywhere at Nikiti you can enjoy the warmth of the bright sun, the playful sea, the cool breeze, as well as the enchanting feeling of a full moon beneath the starlit heavens.

Halkidiki (Chalkidiki)

The combination of mountain and sea and the verdant landscape define Halkidiki. This is what thousands of visitors who choose to vacation here every year love and seek.
Halkidiki features a huge variety of beaches where the trees stretch down to the sea in most cases, and offers our guests spectacular views of a majestic landscape.

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